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Duel Between Printed And Electronic Books

Duel Between Printed And Electronic Books

The modern age has brought in modern forms of books. Electronic or eBooks are in strong competition with old-fashioned classic printed books nowadays, and both formats have their passionate fan with pro and cons arguments. This isn’t just rather subjective discussion because both formats truly do have advantages and drawbacks, but it seems that final decision is a matter of reader’s preference. The factors influencing the preference are many and here’s a list of just some of them.

The physical aspect is the first trait that figures. Namely, passionate readers and lovers of the old-fashioned form of books claim that nothing compares or substitutes the mere experience of holding a book and feeling paper pages under the fingers accompanied by the specific smell of printed books. These features turn reading into a ritual. On the other hand, eBooks are far easier to store, don’t require a lot of room, all you need is a digital device you use for reading, and you are free to store and take with your hundreds of books.

Books with e-reader

Seemingly, when it comes to reading comprehension, printed books are still winning the duel. Aside from the fact that eye vision is less pressured when reading from paper instead of reading from a screen, most reading applications designed for eBooks impose too much additional distraction while reading.

This is particularly an issue for children. If distracted too much, kids tend to lose the essence of the story they read, and the adults might struggle with lack of concentration. Printed books enable free interaction between kids and parents while reading, but eBook has better options for marking paragraphs and writing notes.

The difference in cost

Finally, there’s a matter of cost. Printed books certainly cost a lot more due to the mere process of production and distribution, and this refers to each bought book. On the other hand, eBooks come in various electronic formats, which is eco-friendly and usually cost significantly less, except for maybe initial investment into the digital device you will use for reading.

There are probably more features and aspects readers would discuss on this matter, but the whole dilemma will eventually come down to reader’s preferences.

EARTH VISION – Taking Nature To A New Level

EARTH VISION – Taking Nature To A New Level

Global environmental issues humanity is faced with nowadays goes beyond basic climate changes and it’s becoming obvious that common environmentalism isn’t sufficient approach anymore. There are several reasons for this, but one of the main is that people are still departuring from nature itself, regardless of their ecological responsibility.

The Earth Vision is actively trying to promote spiritual ecology as a form of deeper perspective towards nature. In other words, Earth Vision is trying to impose spiritual science above material science to attract people to cherish nature truly. In this process, the Earth Vision relies on five books exploring and describing the connection between humanity and nature from different points of view. All of these books may be purchased via this website, and you may, also, support the project by donation directly to the community.

The Coordinator Of Earth Vision And Insight 21

The Coordinator Of Earth Vision And Insight 21

The raising global ecological issues became obvious to pretty much everyone so far, but most people solely point the finger into particular problems or suggest some practical solutions and approaches within environmentalism that simply won’t suffice. When this topic and the ineffective manners of solving it came across Josef Graf’s diverse background, the concept of spiritual ecology was born.


Graf has decades of anthroposophical research behind him, degrees in sociology and ecology and a myriad of activities within these two fields of interest and currently – two major projects looking for financial support to survive. These two projects include Earth Vision and Insight21 projects.

Globe-grass familly

Both projects rely on unique books and articles exploring deeper connections between humanity and nature and wilderness. Also, both projects point out completely different approaches toward issues and suggest some brand-new potential solutions for ecological problems we are faced with. The most important aspect, however, is still raising people’s awareness of the problems and attracting them to consider spiritual ecology as a new principle.

The Most Controversial Books Of All Time

The Most Controversial Books Of All Time

The art of playing with words and finding an impressive way of saying things, sometimes even the obvious and common ones, truly is a talent, but what makes a good writer is, in fact, raw new idea. Or at least fresh point of view. Throughout the history, there were plenty of brave enough writers to come up with controversial ideas and write them down, causing the public to react differently.

These controversial books either analyzed and presented some controversial topics, such as racism and violence or used too many swearwords to picture the story or came up with imaginary stories that turned out to be solid predictions, usually not positive ones. There is no such a thing as a definite list of the most controversial books of all time, but here are just some of them that cause significant turbulences or still do.

Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

Brave New World, famous book written by Aldous Huxley, caused serious reactions among various types of readers, including several official attempts of banning it. The book pictures imaginary future world dominated by science and technology, but the troubling parts include sexuality, suicide, and drug abuse.


Similar to Orwell’s “1984”, the book dealing with the imaginary future world, characterized by lack of freedom, excessive censorship and government control, both Huxley and Orwell present potential future that frightens too many readers.


Half a century ago, Vladimir Nabokov wrote Lolita and triggered waves of controversial reactions. The book is describing middle-age professor and his obsession with 12-year-old Dolores (nicknamed Lolita), with whom he interferes sexually throughout the book, was banned in several countries but created quite of a cult in literature.


Furious reactions coming from the government were quite expected regarding Powell’s book “The Anarchist Cookbook,” but the mere content and the effects of its publishing truly are controversial. Namely, as the protest reaction towards Vietnam War, William Powell wrote this manual with instructions on how to manufacture explosives, organize demonstrations, construct primitive but functional forms of telecommunications and many more features you could find rather useful when planning anarchy, for example. No wonder the book was widely banned, disputed and its validity argued.

Biggest Problems Of Modern Educational System

Biggest Problems Of Modern Educational System

Back in the old times when public education was introduced and implemented into society, it appeared to be potent and promising strategic move towards a better society. The idea of public education was to provide basic levels of education to all the children, regardless of their sex, race or economical capacity of their families. And truth to be said, public education truly was giving impressive results for decades. Thus it was a matter taken for granted. Nobody questioned public education until recently.

Until it has become obvious that too many children are studying, but only some are learning, that parents are looking for alternative approaches to education and finally – that illiteracy rates are alarmingly growing. This brought the question about what went wrong under the spotlight and how we can fix it.

Negative feelings towards school

As it turned out, one of the biggest problems was children’s negative attitude towards schooling caused by outdated and quite boring teaching material, as well as old-fashioned methods of teaching that fail to keep up with digital era and progress of technology. Too many pure academic theories with the insufficient percent of practical assignments or dynamic classes.


All curriculums in schools require revision, refreshment, and modification according to the trends of the modern age and technology development. Furthermore, there’s this critical problem with segregation of students and lack of focusing students on the fields of their true interest and talent. The classic formal educational system has the certain criteria and assumes that all the children of the same age will meet these criteria pretty much equally during the same school year. This is plain wrong.

A solution that might be a change

The multiage classroom might be the solution. This model is based on the idea that some children develop some skills early in life while others a bit later, thus we should provide them the chance to focus on their fields of true interest and develop these talents and help them develop a bit slower other skill and absorb knowledge from other topics. Also, mixing children with different age would enable them to help each other, to join the group they feel they belong best, to develop empathy and the awareness that we all have strong and weaker aspect of our personalities.


This would probably provide terrain for growing and educating a completely better society, not only to improve the educational system and its effects. We would raise more mature children with the best ones in the certain field being boosted to develop more and invest into their talent and skills. Thus the whole population would be more rationally modeled and attracted towards learning and personal educational growth.

Earth Vision, A Travelogue Of Spiritual Ecology

Earth Vision, A Travelogue Of Spiritual Ecology

Modern man is way too entangled into sterile industrial, a mechanical and digital world which departure him critically from nature and his ancient roots. Losing strong connection with nature and natural aspects of life results in pollution of people’s personalities and inner worlds, further resulting in modern civilization heading towards some wrong aims and being overwhelmed by some shallow, not-profound aspirations.

Nanciyaga 5

Reconnecting man’s soul and spirit with nature itself is rather necessary, and this may be achieved even through reading books focused on this matter. This travelogue is one of them. Roughly speaking, this is a collection of stories about nature, ecology, spirituality and the strong connection between these features. It’s a journey through impressive wonders of nature and the journey through man’s soul and spirit at the same time. Because nature is more than just beautiful sights and this book goes beyond environmentalism.

Beneath the enigmatic appearance of the world of nature there presides a treasure-hold – according to Rudolf Steiner, a realm inhabited by a godly force, now growing more resplendent. In this volume, the reader sojourns through the evolving intertwine of nature and the human soul via 70 sites across North America.


The book encapsulated 72 black and white photographs scattered at 150 pages altogether with endeavoring stories, reviews, and thoughtful articles that will take you to a truly deep and rich journey. At the end of it, you’ll find yourself enriched with memorable experience, widened perspectives, profound thoughts and more noble points of view onto the world we live in.

Issues Of The Modern Society

Issues Of The Modern Society

It’s sort of peculiar to think that society has changed significantly many times during our civilization, but the people in their root nature and basic “operating system” stayed pretty much the same. Our common traits, especially psychological ones, are not constant, but definitely, haven’t undergone dramatic changes as the society has. This is the main reason why many people doubt the true importance of society changes, enhancing that it’s just a form with an essence persisting as it did centuries ago.

However, one thing’s for sure: our current society is facing a completely new era. The issues we are facing nowadays are strong enough to provoke fundamental changes, and the main trends of modern lifestyle are suggesting the characteristics of this upcoming modified society. The era of digitalization and fast spreading of information will be replaced by the era of ideas.


Namely, current financial crisis and global economic turbulence happening over the last few decades are suggesting that our financial, banking system requires fundamental changes. Another issue proving the same impression is a huge number of people who lost their jobs in short period. Jobs that are not required or necessary anymore in the modern age. Jobs that machines took over or are simply eliminated.

However, our educational system keeps producing people trained and educated for these jobs.

This is another alarming problem of the modern society – its malfunctioning and insufficient educational system. This refers to the huge gap between the profiles we train and educate and the true requirements of the market and industry.

Lack of creative solutions

Another troubling issue of the current educational system is uniformed thinking, imposing limitations onto people, mostly via fear of failure and suppressing of creative thinking. With mentally programmed uniformed students who become financially controlled and burdened, later on, we get a society that is self-limited onto mere repetition, production and circling within the worn-out cycle. However, one of the greatest advantages of the modern society is rather accessible knowledge to pretty much anyone with the internet access.

Have an idea

Combined with new inventions and developments occurring almost on a daily basis, it shows clearly that the only thing we miss is a fundamental change of the inner organization of our society and modifying of its major courses. Other elements will soon settle in the right places after we establish a different system of values and unleash or potent minds.

The Earth Vision Nature Writing Contest

The Earth Vision Nature Writing Contest

One of the biggest issues of the modern world and the way modern man lives his everyday life is a critical departure from nature, pure natural approaches to various aspects of life and the mere treatment of the environment and the humanity in it. The Earth Vision website is dedicated to eco-spirituality.

Our field of activity is wide and versatile, and it is dedicated to enriching people’s inner worlds, widening of perspectives and reconnecting average man with his natural core.


This is achieved by engaging into various matters, such as history, geography, psychology, literature and poetry, all sorts of art and artistic expression, ecology and environmental awareness and much more. Another method we apply is writing contest with topics focused onto previously mentioned.

Our main goal and mission are to help people achieve higher spiritual levels, empower their consciousness and awareness regarding the world we live in.


And the microworlds inside all of us, to create more noble, human and valuable world. If you want to join our community or help us progress, spread the word about our activities or use the links listed below to support us financially.

Current Environmental Issues

Current Environmental Issues

During ancient times, our distant ancestors lived in fear of the nature due to lack of understanding natural events and courses but had also lived in a strong connection and dependence of nature. Their mere existence was controlled by basic and common natural events. As the civilization grew and progressed, the man managed to conquer various aspects of nature, to master it and to understand a lot of it. He kept exploring nature, developing purely human civilization courses until he finally established dominance over many natural aspects. Further on, recklessness of humans, greed, and irresponsibility took their toll.

Current Environmental Issues2

The man continued his exploration and exploitation of nature, the civilization kept getting away from nature, and soon the consequences became obvious. Nowadays, humanity is faced with seriously damaged and polluted nature and with various species being extinct on the one hand and alienated, frustrated and mentally and emotionally polluted layman on the other hand. Both are direct consequences of people’s departure from their natural roots.

When some severe consequences, such as climate changes, boreal forest issue, honeybee’s extinction and much more, became alarming, environmentalism emerged as a reaction of conscious people. However, environmentalism turned out to be inadequate or at least not sufficient. This website is dedicated to a completely new approach to ecological issues of the modern man – spiritual ecology.

Current Environmental Issues3

Spiritual ecology is intuitive thesis lying underneath the Earth Vision project and striving to encapsulate the complete evolution of man and nature relationship and to settle it properly. Reconnection between man and nature is essential and rather necessary, as well as thorough researching and responsible approach towards some of the critical issues that EV overviews in its regular issues.

The Earth Vision project undertakes a new Current Issue every season.  Four issues per year are taken to places of deeper resolution than the mainstream media can arrive at due to their limited mandate.

Earth Vision Current Environmental Issues:

Why the Bees are Dying – and how to bring them back

The End of Real Estate – and what can take its place

The Return of Bison and Wolf – instigating North America’s eco-renaissance

Encountering Nature Through the 12 Senses

The Spiritual Ecology of the Boreal Forest

The End of Factory Farming  – the ecological resonance between the animal holocaust and our inner life

A Spiritual Ecology of West Coast Rainforest

Spring in the Calendar of Nature and Soul

New America – on the edge of eco-renaissance

Nature-Based Gardening


A Calendar Of Nature And Soul

A Calendar Of Nature And Soul

The amazing power and importance of the books and the mere procedure of reading various literature lies in its power and capacity to influence people’s minds, change their attitudes, courses of thinking and perspective towards different topics. Good books providing quality valuable written material have educational, as well as psychological effect at the same time onto a reader.


Good books provide a great terrain for emerging of brand-new powerful ideas, have the power to appeal and address myriad of issues, the power to ease the mind of a reader, but also the power to impose important questions and riddles upon reader, usually suggesting some answers or at least pointing out a certain desired direction of thinking and approaching a given matter.

“A Calendar of Nature and Soul” is a perfect example of a highly influential book with a potential to provoke significant, even global changes. “A Calendar of Nature and Soul” is one of the books that create the foundation of the Earth Vision projects and the whole concept of spiritual ecology. The book provides written material that aims to provide a completely new perspective to a reader regarding current alarming global ecological issues and to deepen the connection between people and nature itself. The mission is to introduce spiritual ecology to all the readers as a new method of addressing environmental problems and to transfer relationship with wilderness onto the spiritual level.


The book continues on the trail of the third-millennium everyman, now shifting from a geographic focus to a passage through the seasons. Its 52 chapters coincide with the weeks of the year, in which natural and biographical events interweave with Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul. It contains 52 black-and-white photographs, 240 pages.

 By purchasing this valuable literature, you will financially support the whole Earth Vision project and enable its mission of preserving the Earth to continue.