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Medicinal marijuana – risks, benefits, and regulations

Medicinal marijuana – risks, benefits, and regulations

Marijuana has been in use for the past two millennia, and so far, it has been legalized in 26 countries. We have numerous studies which confirm medicinal properties of marijuana, but people are still skeptical of using it. On the other hand, we have various cases of abuse, considering this plant has a high potential for abuse and some experts even claim that it doesn’t have legitimate therapeutic value. Regardless of the opposite opinions, marijuana is one of the most requested medicinal plants in the world because it has calming and pain-relieving effects with the patients who are diagnosed with the most severe conditions. So, let’s look at the benefits, side – effects and who you can acquire medicinal marijuana.

Health benefits

Medicinal marijuana can be found in several forms; it can be smoked, vaporized, used as a pill and even added to food, such as cookies and brownies. In many countries, medicinal marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug, which means it has a high potential for abuse, without any scientific studies about the benefits, it is tough to prove any healing benefits. But the idea of healing properties of marijuana is deeply rooted in the science and society. So far, it has shown that the main ingredient of marijuana called cannabinoid may help in reducing the pain, inflammation, control epileptic seizures and treat mental illnesses and addiction. In many cases, medicinal marijuana is used to treat nausea caused by chemotherapy, even though these studies are limited.

Side – effects

One of the main concerns that scientist and doctors have had about the marijuana is how to limit dependency. This plant can interfere with the judgment, attention, and balance. Some studies have found that smoking marijuana carries great cancer risks. In addition to this, if a patient is addicted to some other drugs the use of marijuana can worsen the addiction. But, medicinal marijuana can be the only solution for the patients who are suffering from the most dangerous illnesses, considering that the use of cannabis is prohibited in all states. Unfortunately, we can’t neglect that marijuana carries a significant risk of dependency and this is one of the reasons why scientists were able to test its healing benefits further.

Marijuana availability

All states which are eligible to use medicinal marijuana, require a doctor’s approval and many of these countries have an online application process. For example, if you are from Arizona, you can use medical marijuana dispensary in arizona to apply for medicinal marijuana. In most cases, patients need to fill out the application form, pay a fee and provide identification information. If you want to receive an ID card successfully, then you are required to have a doctor’s statement regarding your diagnosis, which confirms that medicinal marijuana is one of the recommended treatments. On the other hand, some restrictions may be involved regarding the amount you are allowed to receive. So before applying for this process, make sure to consult with your doctor.

What Can I do To Improve My Credit?

What Can I do To Improve My Credit?

You have probably asked yourself how do i improve my credit, especially if you had problems with the credit score. To improve your credit, you need to know what happened to it in the first place. Making sure you are managing your accounts in the proper way will save your credit score and time. In this article there are a couple of ways that will help you in improving your credit, so you can get better insurance rates and credit offers, and lower mortgage interest rates.

New loan

loanThe big impact on your score can make a consolidation loan as an installment loan. You will pay off your credit, utilization will drop, and all you have to do is keep your perfect payment history on this new loan. It is like getting a new start. Making regular payments on your new loan is the most important thing in this process, so you don’t get into double financial trouble. So, if your financial status is changed for the better, you can take this step and boost your credit score almost immediately.

Negotiation and settlement

If you stopped paying your bill, you could ask creditors to help you erase your debt by agreeing in writing for you to pay off your debt altogether, and them to report your account as paid as agreed. You can also make a debt settlement with your creditors, meaning they will agree in writing that you should pay immediately less than the full amount of your debt, to erase that debt.

Have more credit cards

If you have more than one credit card, but you are not maxed out on any of them, or you are not even in any debt, this will make your credit score higher. But you need to pay your bills on time, every time.

Stop using cards

Yes, having more credit cards will boost your credit score, but not using them will help you even more. Not being in debt on any of your cards will show that you are a responsible user with good financial structure, and will help your credit score even more.

A few more ways…

The other ways you can have a positive effect on your credit are: paying off your medical bills, changing your payment due date to the one that is more suited for you, becoming an authorised user on someone else’s account (they should have a good credit score), regularly checking your annual credit report for any errors because those mistakes can affect your credit score. Also, your score can get boosted if you request a credit limit increase (but not use it, this will make your credit utilization better), pay your basic expenses regularly and on time (rent, utilities…). Your collection account will age off after seven years, and it should be removed from the credit report, and if this is not the case, you should dispute it. To keep your financial status safe, you should know all the correspondence with your creditors, because it is often the case that old paid debts can end up on your bill again.

Learning More Everyday  – What To Do In Your Free Time To Save Money

Learning More Everyday – What To Do In Your Free Time To Save Money

It is never too late to get an education. What’s more, you do not need money or expensive courses to achieve it. All you need is some free time and a bit of motivation. If I were to tell you that you can even save money this way, would you believe me? Here are the ultimate tips and tricks that will help you save money and do something useful for yourself while doing something interesting in your free time as well. With these tips, you will never be bored again, nor will you spend money on things you can easily do yourself.

Cook Delicious Meals

So, you want to save money? Cook some delicious meals at home that you can bring to work, socialize over or simply indulge on your own or with friends and family. Home-made cooked meals will also help you manage your budget, but more than that, it will help you lead a healthier life, as the processed food, fast food and another type you get for that kind of money is bad for your health.

Read Books

If you have time, you should read more. This way you will be able to learn more about anything that you wanted to know more about, but did not have the time to learn more about. Think of your interests, past, and present, and read a book that will contribute to your knowledge. You will also become a lot more interesting when in the company of others since you will be able to carry on a conversation effortlessly.

Buy A HVLP Spray Gun

If you want to express your creative side, you can also buy a hvlp spray gun. With help spray gun you will be able to turn any object into art. Also, a hvlp spray gun will help you with a bumped car or just with up-cycling an old object and give it a new look. It is also great to know that this simple device will be useful for years to come and you will be able to use it for lots of purposes. It is almost magical to know that you have something like that lying around and it is for sure reassuring.

Learn To Knit

Learning to knit is not just a skill that will help you save money, it will also help you develop your creativity, calm your nerves and do something useful for the whole family. Also, it is great to have something you can give away in the time of the holidays as a home-made present. Learning to knit might also turn out to be a great career if you are good at it.

Do A Little Bit Of Meaningful Exercise

If you want you can also do a little bit of exercise, but before you go for a run or to the gym, try to learn a bit more about your body. It will make it easier for your to devote yourself to exercising and it will make it more fun.

4 simple things that every parent can do in their home to help their child with math

4 simple things that every parent can do in their home to help their child with math

As kids start going to school they start with their first problems solving tasks. Math is one of the classes where it’s very important that the children understand what they are doing as it will be hard for them to catch up if they start falling behind the class. To achieve a perfect balance in the classes that they take, there will have to be some holes filed as every kid has one or more things where they excel and one or more where they just need a bit of help.

Helping your child can be done in two ways, the first one is to hire them a private tutor that will help them and focus on their special needs. This is the professional route and it will guarantee that your child learns how to solve math problems. If you don’t have a lot of time this can be both beneficial for your kid and for you, however, it can sometimes be costly depending on the amount of help your child might need. The second one is a lot cheaper but requires you to invest a lot of your free time, and that’s by teaching them healthy learning habits and problem-solving skills at home.

math bookWe will be focusing on the part where you can help your child at home, and in our other math tutoring miami blogs, we will explain how child tutors can specifically help your child with math problems.

There are several things that you can do to help your kid with their math problems and some of them are:

1) Start with the small stuff

Math is always surrounding us and if you start teaching your kid to count than you might as well start with everyday things. For instance, during the setup of the table, you can count forks, knives, and spoons together. This will help your kid with the basics and can be started early to give him a boost before school. This can later extend with questions if we took one fork and we had three forks and spoons in the beginning how many forks and how many spoons will we have now?

2) Set them up with their private piggy bank

As your child is slowly getting exposed to math, give them a task that they will do even when they grow up. Teach them to keep track of their coins that you can start with them in their own piggy bank. Coin counting and them keeping track of their coins will make their brains practice with numbers. This is an excellent exercise for the brain.

3) Incorporate math into games

Playing with your child is an important bonding part of their growing up period. If you want to make it playful but still teach them something you can slowly ask them questions that involves counting or numbers. This is a fun way for them to learn about math and how to think when solving math problems.

4) Ask the right questions

Asking questions is important in every part of our lives. Especially when solving problems and math problems have a beginning middle and end like every problem. Ask them where they would begin in a logical way and explain how they can approach the task at hand. This will give them analyzing skills that will help their reason in the long run when it comes to math.

How to Find the Best Chiropractor

How to Find the Best Chiropractor

We can assume that you know what is or who is a chiropractor because you are reading this article about how to find the best one. Well, then we will not waste your time explaining what are they or what can they do for you, we will be focusing only on the task of finding the best one. Of course, you are in the right place because we have many years of experience working with various chiropractors from all around the world, so we can teach you exactly how to find the best one for you. All you need to do is carefully follow our advice and in no time, you will be able to find the best one.

We have made this article specially for people who have no experience with chiropractors. Finding the best one should always be the number one priority for you because this requires a lot of skills and if you go to a chiropractor who has no experience what so ever, then you are risking even more serious injuries. Chiropractors have a very important job where they cannot make a mistake because even the smallest mistake can affect a patient. So, without dragging this any further, here is how to find the best chiropractor.


The number one thing that you want to look for when searching for the right chiropractor is to find one who has a lot of reputation. Of course, the reputation has to be all great feedback from previous patients. The easiest way to find a chiropractor with a good reputation is to have a friend who has previous experience with him and can strongly recommend it to you. There is no better information that you can trust more than the opinion of your friends. So, we strongly recommend that you first ask your friends who might have had experience with chiropractic to suggest you a good one. In case you have no friends, who had experience with a chiropractor, then we might be able to help you, try visiting or contacting the chandler chiropractic.

We have had personal experience with them and many others and we can say with confidence that they are one of the best in the business. They might be a little bit expensive, but you have to believe us, if you have any serious problem with your back, neck or anything else, you can be sure that they will fix it for you in just a few quick sessions.

Ask Questions

The simplest way to find the best one is to interview them one by one until you find one that you are feeling comfortable with. This will require some time from your life, but in the end, it will be worth it, you just don’t want to go to a random chiropractic place because you never know how good or well, they are qualified for the job. By interviewing them, you can get a lot of information and use it to compare them with others and use it to eliminate some of them.

Duel Between Printed And Electronic Books

Duel Between Printed And Electronic Books

The modern age has brought in modern forms of books. Electronic or eBooks are in strong competition with old-fashioned classic printed books nowadays, and both formats have their passionate fan with pro and cons arguments. This isn’t just rather subjective discussion because both formats truly do have advantages and drawbacks, but it seems that final decision is a matter of reader’s preference. The factors influencing the preference are many and here’s a list of just some of them.

The physical aspect is the first trait that figures. Namely, passionate readers and lovers of the old-fashioned form of books claim that nothing compares or substitutes the mere experience of holding a book and feeling paper pages under the fingers accompanied by the specific smell of printed books. These features turn reading into a ritual. On the other hand, eBooks are far easier to store, don’t require a lot of room, all you need is a digital device you use for reading, and you are free to store and take with your hundreds of books.

Books with e-reader

Seemingly, when it comes to reading comprehension, printed books are still winning the duel. Aside from the fact that eye vision is less pressured when reading from paper instead of reading from a screen, most reading applications designed for eBooks impose too much additional distraction while reading.

This is particularly an issue for children. If distracted too much, kids tend to lose the essence of the story they read, and the adults might struggle with lack of concentration. Printed books enable free interaction between kids and parents while reading, but eBook has better options for marking paragraphs and writing notes.

The difference in cost

Finally, there’s a matter of cost. Printed books certainly cost a lot more due to the mere process of production and distribution, and this refers to each bought book. On the other hand, eBooks come in various electronic formats, which is eco-friendly and usually cost significantly less, except for maybe initial investment into the digital device you will use for reading.

There are probably more features and aspects readers would discuss on this matter, but the whole dilemma will eventually come down to reader’s preferences.

EARTH VISION – Taking Nature To A New Level

EARTH VISION – Taking Nature To A New Level

Global environmental issues humanity is faced with nowadays goes beyond basic climate changes and it’s becoming obvious that common environmentalism isn’t sufficient approach anymore. There are several reasons for this, but one of the main is that people are still departuring from nature itself, regardless of their ecological responsibility.

The Earth Vision is actively trying to promote spiritual ecology as a form of deeper perspective towards nature. In other words, Earth Vision is trying to impose spiritual science above material science to attract people to cherish nature truly. In this process, the Earth Vision relies on five books exploring and describing the connection between humanity and nature from different points of view. All of these books may be purchased via this website, and you may, also, support the project by donation directly to the community.

The Coordinator Of Earth Vision And Insight 21

The Coordinator Of Earth Vision And Insight 21

The raising global ecological issues became obvious to pretty much everyone so far, but most people solely point the finger into particular problems or suggest some practical solutions and approaches within environmentalism that simply won’t suffice. When this topic and the ineffective manners of solving it came across Josef Graf’s diverse background, the concept of spiritual ecology was born.


Graf has decades of anthroposophical research behind him, degrees in sociology and ecology and a myriad of activities within these two fields of interest and currently – two major projects looking for financial support to survive. These two projects include Earth Vision and Insight21 projects.

Globe-grass familly

Both projects rely on unique books and articles exploring deeper connections between humanity and nature and wilderness. Also, both projects point out completely different approaches toward issues and suggest some brand-new potential solutions for ecological problems we are faced with. The most important aspect, however, is still raising people’s awareness of the problems and attracting them to consider spiritual ecology as a new principle.

The Most Controversial Books Of All Time

The Most Controversial Books Of All Time

The art of playing with words and finding an impressive way of saying things, sometimes even the obvious and common ones, truly is a talent, but what makes a good writer is, in fact, raw new idea. Or at least fresh point of view. Throughout the history, there were plenty of brave enough writers to come up with controversial ideas and write them down, causing the public to react differently.

These controversial books either analyzed and presented some controversial topics, such as racism and violence or used too many swearwords to picture the story or came up with imaginary stories that turned out to be solid predictions, usually not positive ones. There is no such a thing as a definite list of the most controversial books of all time, but here are just some of them that cause significant turbulences or still do.

Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

Brave New World, famous book written by Aldous Huxley, caused serious reactions among various types of readers, including several official attempts of banning it. The book pictures imaginary future world dominated by science and technology, but the troubling parts include sexuality, suicide, and drug abuse.


Similar to Orwell’s “1984”, the book dealing with the imaginary future world, characterized by lack of freedom, excessive censorship and government control, both Huxley and Orwell present potential future that frightens too many readers.


Half a century ago, Vladimir Nabokov wrote Lolita and triggered waves of controversial reactions. The book is describing middle-age professor and his obsession with 12-year-old Dolores (nicknamed Lolita), with whom he interferes sexually throughout the book, was banned in several countries but created quite of a cult in literature.


Furious reactions coming from the government were quite expected regarding Powell’s book “The Anarchist Cookbook,” but the mere content and the effects of its publishing truly are controversial. Namely, as the protest reaction towards Vietnam War, William Powell wrote this manual with instructions on how to manufacture explosives, organize demonstrations, construct primitive but functional forms of telecommunications and many more features you could find rather useful when planning anarchy, for example. No wonder the book was widely banned, disputed and its validity argued.

Biggest Problems Of Modern Educational System

Biggest Problems Of Modern Educational System

Back in the old times when public education was introduced and implemented into society, it appeared to be potent and promising strategic move towards a better society. The idea of public education was to provide basic levels of education to all the children, regardless of their sex, race or economical capacity of their families. And truth to be said, public education truly was giving impressive results for decades. Thus it was a matter taken for granted. Nobody questioned public education until recently.

Until it has become obvious that too many children are studying, but only some are learning, that parents are looking for alternative approaches to education and finally – that illiteracy rates are alarmingly growing. This brought the question about what went wrong under the spotlight and how we can fix it.

Negative feelings towards school

As it turned out, one of the biggest problems was children’s negative attitude towards schooling caused by outdated and quite boring teaching material, as well as old-fashioned methods of teaching that fail to keep up with digital era and progress of technology. Too many pure academic theories with the insufficient percent of practical assignments or dynamic classes.


All curriculums in schools require revision, refreshment, and modification according to the trends of the modern age and technology development. Furthermore, there’s this critical problem with segregation of students and lack of focusing students on the fields of their true interest and talent. The classic formal educational system has the certain criteria and assumes that all the children of the same age will meet these criteria pretty much equally during the same school year. This is plain wrong.

A solution that might be a change

The multiage classroom might be the solution. This model is based on the idea that some children develop some skills early in life while others a bit later, thus we should provide them the chance to focus on their fields of true interest and develop these talents and help them develop a bit slower other skill and absorb knowledge from other topics. Also, mixing children with different age would enable them to help each other, to join the group they feel they belong best, to develop empathy and the awareness that we all have strong and weaker aspect of our personalities.


This would probably provide terrain for growing and educating a completely better society, not only to improve the educational system and its effects. We would raise more mature children with the best ones in the certain field being boosted to develop more and invest into their talent and skills. Thus the whole population would be more rationally modeled and attracted towards learning and personal educational growth.