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The Earth Vision Nature Writing Contest

The Earth Vision Nature Writing Contest

One of the biggest issues of the modern world and the way modern man lives his everyday life is a critical departure from nature, pure natural approaches to various aspects of life and the mere treatment of the environment and the humanity in it. The Earth Vision website is dedicated to eco-spirituality.

Our field of activity is wide and versatile, and it is dedicated to enriching people’s inner worlds, widening of perspectives and reconnecting average man with his natural core.


This is achieved by engaging into various matters, such as history, geography, psychology, literature and poetry, all sorts of art and artistic expression, ecology and environmental awareness and much more. Another method we apply is writing contest with topics focused onto previously mentioned.

Our main goal and mission are to help people achieve higher spiritual levels, empower their consciousness and awareness regarding the world we live in.


And the microworlds inside all of us, to create more noble, human and valuable world. If you want to join our community or help us progress, spread the word about our activities or use the links listed below to support us financially.

Current Environmental Issues

Current Environmental Issues

During ancient times, our distant ancestors lived in fear of the nature due to lack of understanding natural events and courses but had also lived in a strong connection and dependence of nature. Their mere existence was controlled by basic and common natural events. As the civilization grew and progressed, the man managed to conquer various aspects of nature, to master it and to understand a lot of it. He kept exploring nature, developing purely human civilization courses until he finally established dominance over many natural aspects. Further on, recklessness of humans, greed, and irresponsibility took their toll.

Current Environmental Issues2

The man continued his exploration and exploitation of nature, the civilization kept getting away from nature, and soon the consequences became obvious. Nowadays, humanity is faced with seriously damaged and polluted nature and with various species being extinct on the one hand and alienated, frustrated and mentally and emotionally polluted layman on the other hand. Both are direct consequences of people’s departure from their natural roots.

When some severe consequences, such as climate changes, boreal forest issue, honeybee’s extinction and much more, became alarming, environmentalism emerged as a reaction of conscious people. However, environmentalism turned out to be inadequate or at least not sufficient. This website is dedicated to a completely new approach to ecological issues of the modern man – spiritual ecology.

Current Environmental Issues3

Spiritual ecology is intuitive thesis lying underneath the Earth Vision project and striving to encapsulate the complete evolution of man and nature relationship and to settle it properly. Reconnection between man and nature is essential and rather necessary, as well as thorough researching and responsible approach towards some of the critical issues that EV overviews in its regular issues.

The Earth Vision project undertakes a new Current Issue every season.  Four issues per year are taken to places of deeper resolution than the mainstream media can arrive at due to their limited mandate.

Earth Vision Current Environmental Issues:

Why the Bees are Dying – and how to bring them back

The End of Real Estate – and what can take its place

The Return of Bison and Wolf – instigating North America’s eco-renaissance

Encountering Nature Through the 12 Senses

The Spiritual Ecology of the Boreal Forest

The End of Factory Farming  – the ecological resonance between the animal holocaust and our inner life

A Spiritual Ecology of West Coast Rainforest

Spring in the Calendar of Nature and Soul

New America – on the edge of eco-renaissance

Nature-Based Gardening


A Calendar Of Nature And Soul

A Calendar Of Nature And Soul

The amazing power and importance of the books and the mere procedure of reading various literature lies in its power and capacity to influence people’s minds, change their attitudes, courses of thinking and perspective towards different topics. Good books providing quality valuable written material have educational, as well as psychological effect at the same time onto a reader.


Good books provide a great terrain for emerging of brand-new powerful ideas, have the power to appeal and address myriad of issues, the power to ease the mind of a reader, but also the power to impose important questions and riddles upon reader, usually suggesting some answers or at least pointing out a certain desired direction of thinking and approaching a given matter.

“A Calendar of Nature and Soul” is a perfect example of a highly influential book with a potential to provoke significant, even global changes. “A Calendar of Nature and Soul” is one of the books that create the foundation of the Earth Vision projects and the whole concept of spiritual ecology. The book provides written material that aims to provide a completely new perspective to a reader regarding current alarming global ecological issues and to deepen the connection between people and nature itself. The mission is to introduce spiritual ecology to all the readers as a new method of addressing environmental problems and to transfer relationship with wilderness onto the spiritual level.


The book continues on the trail of the third-millennium everyman, now shifting from a geographic focus to a passage through the seasons. Its 52 chapters coincide with the weeks of the year, in which natural and biographical events interweave with Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul. It contains 52 black-and-white photographs, 240 pages.

 By purchasing this valuable literature, you will financially support the whole Earth Vision project and enable its mission of preserving the Earth to continue.


The Return Of Bison And Wolf

The Return Of Bison And Wolf

Bison is impressive animal species in so many ways, and wolf accompanies as its shepherd and strengthener. Bison is the biggest western mammal viable in some bordered areas, but best adapted to open-range corridors of north and south. Bison is extremely attached and adjusted to nature and environment surrounding him and deeply dependent on the floral species he requires to survive.


On the other hand, compared to other industrially exploited cattle, bison can survive without various chemical supplementations or special conditions our meet industry provides to other cattle. Unfortunately, our reckless approach towards the whole eco-systems where every element depends on the others resulted in the depopulation of bison’s and consequentially depopulation of wolf species. Until recently.

The return of Bison and Wolf is a specific project of the Earth Vision and its community predicting the convenient development of ecological conditions that will enable re-mapping of Great Plains ecology, the growth of bison and wolf population and restore of some essential and natural relationships.

Wolf pack

Placing eco-renaissance of North America as community’s major goal, Earth Vision promotes the replacement of the current cattle industry, seed-point strategy, establishing of different agriculture methods and many other interventions, to enhance the return of these two powerful and rather durable and strong animal species.

The Earth Vision Gallery

The Earth Vision Gallery

There’s this popular saying particularly designed for the people belonging to so-called ‘’first world’’ and their problems. It promotes heading towards woods and nature because you might won’t find wi-fi connection over there, but you’ll certainly find a better connection with yourself. The saying addresses the major problem of a modern man who lives in the quite polluted environment, literally and symbolically.

Face masks were placed on stone monkeys at the Beijing Zoo on Dec. 19 to protest heavy air pollution in northeast China. A week earlier, riot police cracked down after artists put similar masks on human figures in Chengdu.

Aside from literal pollution, missing the fresh air, calming effects of greenery and empowering stimulation and purifying effect of astonishing natural sights, modern man is alienated and disconnected from nature itself and his natural core and roots. Even the occasional tours through wilderness or hiking adventures or camping in woods by fire are merely improvised, commercialized and still strongly linked to civilization and all the urban benefit. True and proper getting in touch with nature is extremely rare nowadays. This unique piece of true art is designed for everyone honestly longing for nature.

This is a thematic exhibit of photographs and watercolors contained within the covers of a book, offers a holistic experience of nature, color theory, and self-discovery. It contains 35 colors and 14 black-and-white images within 80pages. (eBook 50 double-pages)

(Now available as a free introductory e-book. Please consider donating to the project.)

This exquisite book representing photo exhibition, in fact, is just one of the great methods to raise awareness towards the preservation of the Earth, which is the main goal of this webpage. However, our dedication is honest and passionate, but we are quite dependent on your donations to keep this website working and its valuable activities going on.


Impact Of Science And Education On Modern Society

Impact Of Science And Education On Modern Society

There’s no doubt that education and progress of science have always had to struggle and break its way through closed minds, customs, rigid believes, religion, superstition and many more obstacles, with some of the greatest ideas and inventions being ridiculed at first and widely celebrated much later. Luckily, the passionately dedicated scientist usually accepts lifetime commitment to researches regardless of the treatment society imposes onto their work.

One thing is certain: wherever we have a flourishing of science, quality education, dedication to critical thinking, open minds for new ideas and inventions, we can see the society progressing, making positive changes and increasing life standard, as well as the quality of individuals. The scope of modern education is drastically wider than it used to be in previous centuries and the results are manifested in the form of rapid progress in many fields of science.

The advantages

Two biggest advantages and benefits modern age has to thank science development refer to significant progress of modern medicine and progress of digital technology. Some revolutionary inventions in modern medicine enabled healthcare providers to eradicate many diseases, to cure health issues that used to be only patched or symptomatically controlled and to expand the significantly total scope of knowledge in the brain and neuro sciences.


At the same time, impressive achievements in digital technology, electronics, and nanotechnology, boosted the information era providing superb forms of communication, wide access to information, including free knowledge and education, enhanced further space exploring and supported the development of all the other branches of technology and other sciences. When combined, modern medicine and powerful modern technology, it resulted in amazing successes in medicine, mostly in surgery and endoscopic diagnostic procedures. All of this has prolonged the average human life and raised the quality of everyday lifestyle.

Development of sociology, psychology and wide spreading of existing knowledge resulted in social changes to better. Thus, we have increased human rights, recognizing and enhancing the right of women and their true values, we’ve found new ways of educating people against various stigmas, prejudice, and discrimination.

LOS ANGELES - MARCH 11: "The Indecision Amalgamation" -- While Raj is wracked with guilt when he tries to date two women at once, Penny wrestles with whether to take a role in a cheesy movie, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, April 3 (8:00 -“ 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured left to right: Kunal Nayyar, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Johnny Galecki.  (Photo by Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images)

Unfortunately, impacts of education and modern science onto society are not only positive. Aside from dangerous abusing of technology for weapon production and war industry, the dominance of quick and easy communication has made this communication superficial and consequentially human relations less quality and more alienated. It has further triggered some new social issues that future generations will have to balance or resolve.

From The Journal Of Hebert Flambeau – An Anti-biography

From The Journal Of Hebert Flambeau – An Anti-biography

It has been said by students of reincarnation that one chooses one’s parents, a place to live, and general circumstances that one is born into. In that case, when I did my choosing, I must have been distracted because, as a child, I detested the urban locale. I often wished that I could grow up in the countryside, the Wild West, a leech-infested swamp, or any tract of forest dense enough to require Houdini mentoring for a weasel to pass through.

Open book.

The city had its own distinct nature life. In the morning you could wake to the sound of birds coughing. They say that if you drink water from the Fountain of Youth, you will never get a day older. The same could be said of certain sources of America’s drinking water.

The most similar experience to getting lost somewhere in the woods is perhaps getting stuck in traffic rush and suddenly being surrounded by some quite wild and non-civilized sounds and moves.

However, none of these has any of the healing, mending or regenerative effect onto your body or psyche. Quite the opposite, most emotional disbalances or psychological issues of the modern age emerge in this unhealthy lifestyle and habits pictured in the previous paragraph.

And the previous paragraph belongs to one impressive book written by Hebert Flambeau, though most biographical researchers agree that Hebert Flabeau is a fictional name for Josef Graf, the true writer. The book is conceived to be a specific form of a journal or the anti-biography as the author labeled it, but you choose to sort it in the world of literature, it is a unique written story you have to read.

Disclosed book on table at library

Flabeau rejects urban living strongly and goes for a true journey through wild corners of intact nature and through some deep and innocent aspects of people’s souls in an attempt to re-establish a strong connection with nature around him and within him. This book goes beyond merely beautiful literature. It is an educational guide and spiritual manual for all those who strive to establish inner harmony, go back to the natural way of living and have a lot of fun while doing this.

Books That Changed The World

Books That Changed The World

It is well known fact and strategy that if you want a certain society to stop progressing and become easy to manipulate with, just burn the books or even better – make the unpopular so people just stop reading. Aside the fact that reading itself raises educational levels of citizens, cultural levels and the level of civilized progress, the books have this superb power to influence people’s minds, cause changes of attitudes and inspire people to strive towards various ideas. Certainly, the Bible is the book with the strongest and widest influence globally, but here are some other books that made quite an impact onto generations of readers.

The Communist Manifesto

The Communist ManifestoIn spite of its bad reputation nowadays, after it had been misinterpreted and abused by greedy politicians, The Communist Manifesto, famous literature written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, is certainly one of the most influential books ever. The book describes thoroughly all the principles and foundations of a society as Marx and Engels had imagine it to be, but was later on transformed in malpractice of communism with all its drawbacks. There’s still dilemma whether this type of society is possible or the idea described in the book is excellent in theory, but wrong in practice.


Analyzing the matter of modern society, its issues and potential future scenarios, George Orwell wrote famous “1984”. This classic literature turned out to be both, inspiration for series of future novels, including Huxley’s “Brave new world”, but it has also turned out to be way too good prediction of the society we live in over a half a century later. The story about closed and controlled world supervised by the government, where censorship is overwhelming and freedom is suppressed, frightened many generations. And it’s still up to be seen whether we are heading toward future society dangerously similar to Orwell’s.

The diary of a young girl

“The diary of a young girl” written by Anne Frank is an upsetting literature about WW 2 and the days this little girl spent during Nazi occupation. This book is often listed as mandatory literature in many schools, but the mere matter and the style of writing makes it perfectly adapted for adults to read it as well.

The diary of a young girl

Perhaps it’s even more important for adults to read it, because struggling with emotions and awareness of all the horror of war reader is faced with, might force many people worldwide to think twice before calling for war again.

On the origin of species

One of the biggest ever and still ongoing debate refers to inherited traits and true origin of species, which was certainly started by cult thesis written in famous book “On the origin of species” by Charles Darwin.

On the origin of species

This book is the foundation of evolution theory which divided scientists and their supporters against creationists and believers and set the theoretic basis for this controversial topic which is still widely discussed. Darwin wrote down myriad of conclusions and elements supporting the idea of evolution being a result of adaptation of species onto environment surrounding them and the whole modern science is based upon his studying presented in this book.

Gaia Sojourn, Spiritual Ecology Across A Series Of Incarnations

Gaia Sojourn, Spiritual Ecology Across A Series Of Incarnations

The unknown has the power to boost our imagination. As much as it addresses our inherited fear of non-familiar terrain, it also gives us a wide open field to imagine and fulfill the space with various possible scenarios. What comes after death is one of these topics potent enough to inspire writers to write dark poetry or science fiction stories.

However, this matter, also, has one more powerful impact – it forces us to review our current life, years spent here and now and to see the world we live in in a specific manner. You might believe in the afterlife in a religious manner or not; you might believe there’s nothing after the ultimate ending of this life, you might believe in the concept of reincarnation of stand any other point of view regarding this topic.

Gaia Sojourn signs unique book written from a perspective of a person expecting reincarnation and playing with genres, timeline, chronology, rich imagination and many other elements in an attempt to picture some world’s current issues.

This material representing spiritual ecology takes a global perspective through mythic, historic, and future time forums, using reincarnation as its principle device. It’s a creative blend of biography and fiction through 190 pages.

This book is among other projects of Earth Vision online community, and you may support us by purchasing it and making a donation that goes for the preservation of the Earth.