Modern man is way too entangled into sterile industrial, a mechanical and digital world which departure him critically from nature and his ancient roots. Losing strong connection with nature and natural aspects of life results in pollution of people’s personalities and inner worlds, further resulting in modern civilization heading towards some wrong aims and being overwhelmed by some shallow, not-profound aspirations.

Nanciyaga 5

Reconnecting man’s soul and spirit with nature itself is rather necessary, and this may be achieved even through reading books focused on this matter. This travelogue is one of them. Roughly speaking, this is a collection of stories about nature, ecology, spirituality and the strong connection between these features. It’s a journey through impressive wonders of nature and the journey through man’s soul and spirit at the same time. Because nature is more than just beautiful sights and this book goes beyond environmentalism.

Beneath the enigmatic appearance of the world of nature there presides a treasure-hold – according to Rudolf Steiner, a realm inhabited by a godly force, now growing more resplendent. In this volume, the reader sojourns through the evolving intertwine of nature and the human soul via 70 sites across North America.


The book encapsulated 72 black and white photographs scattered at 150 pages altogether with endeavoring stories, reviews, and thoughtful articles that will take you to a truly deep and rich journey. At the end of it, you’ll find yourself enriched with memorable experience, widened perspectives, profound thoughts and more noble points of view onto the world we live in.