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Unlike most media, Earth Vision and Insight21 seek to present answers, not just focus on the problems of the world. . . .
Dubbed “a modern Thoreau” by one reviewer, Josef Graf’s diverse background was bound to culminate in the Earth Vision and Insight21 projects. A split degree in Sociology/Ecology was followed by work as a trail guide, co-ordinator of a nature interpreting program, assistant to Native cultural enhancement, radio host, and Waldorf teacher. Add graduate study in the “university of wilderness” and two decades of anthroposophical research to penetrate to the heart of both human and wild natures, and spiritual ecology is born.
       The EV and Insight projects raise awareness of our deeper connection with nature and spirit through both books and articles that address current environmental and social issues.  If the first two volumes of the Earth Vision series  - The Earth Vision travelogue and A Calendar of Nature and Soul  - may be referred to as intuitive theses in spiritual ecology, then Gaia Sojourn represents an even broader foray.  As well, the EV Gallery (now a free PDF ebook) serves up a body of images that convey both eco-spirituality and color theory, while Hebert Returns to America is more of an art gallery hung off the wall.
        Insight21 was launched to provide coverage for some of the most promising answers to social and ecological issues.  Your input is welcome on both Earth Vision and Insight21.
         Currently, these two projects are seeking a patron, so that the work can continue on a full time basis.

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