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"I read Earth Vision with delight. I appreciate that it was comprehensive and beautiful. . . another thing that delighted me was the emphasis on humans sharing whatever qualities nature has. . . the words, and the spirit that shines through them, cannot but help people to expand their awareness."
           -  Dorothy McLean, co-founder of Findhorn

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deep ecology
Going beyond environmentalism

In the information age, where so often the focus is confined to the intellect, the natural world is at hand for healing consciousness. The Earth Vision and Insight21 material is not merely informative, but presents an arena where feeling finds a forum, where sentience colors the fabric of incarnation.

Promoting wholesome communion with nature and humanity on a foundational level, these two projects focus on the wealth of positive attributes in nature and the world, instead of the demise, turning the assail of nature and social life inside out.

From a historic viewpoint, humanity invaded the wilderness, and proceeded to subjugate it for material purposes. Now the wilderness is invading humanity, even into the deepest urban recess. However, the power of this counter-invasion, an aspect of humanity's spiritual awakening, is dependent on the degree to which one is aware of nature�s abiding presence within.

As we awaken, the return of wilderness becomes inevitable, as does our opening to powerful social resolutions. The individual is compelled to consort with both the inner wild and with new spiritual-social forums.


As well as 5 e-books that present nature in the light of deep ecology, in-depth treatments by the Earth Vision project of Current Environmental Issues include:


Why the Bees Are Dying  - which has been sitting on the answer to the honeybee mystery for almost two years now.


The End of Factory Farming (there is hope! - after all).


Encountering Nature Through the Twelve Senses  - ah, we have more than five. . .


The End of Real Estate  - which predicted the current economic malaise, and how to move forward into a new social arena (that will transcend both capitalism and socialism).


The Return of Bison and Wolf  - a visionary eco-renaissance of North America, a la phase one  - initiating radical geography restitution across the Great Plains.


As well as the deepening of nature-human consciousness inter-weavings, a series-in-birth, starting with the Boreal Forest and West Coast Rainforest.



(A new Current Environmental Issue is added to the EV site every solstice and equinox.)


Earth Vision and Insight21 perspectives find a home in many alternative magazines and publications, including: Conscious Mind Journal, Organic Consumers, New Renaissance, The Canadian National, Reality Sandwich, Native American Times, Indymedia, Our Planet, Gaian Voices, NaturoDoc, Life Positive, Doyletics, Spirit Working,, Merlian News, Hackwriters, Helium, and My Two Beads Worth.


Both Earth Vision and Insight21 welcome your input.  Also, the projects are seeking a patron, so that the work can continue full time.  Please consider donating.



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