Not everyone is born with an instinct for animals, some of have to learn how to handle them. Once you bring a new puppy home, thousands of questions will appear, and you need to know the answers if you want to provide a warm and cozy home for your furry friend. You can always consult your vet, but after some time, your veterinarian may ditch you if you are too boring. In this case, your best choice is the books you can always rely on. There are hundreds of books on the market nowadays, and while some are excellent, others aren’t that good.

That’s why we won’t waste your time and money. We have come up with the list of some of the very best books available in bookstores, and you should consider getting the one if not two. Also, we wrote about the best 5 puppy raising books that proved to be good in puppy raising.

Puppies and Dummies

The fun, informative and humorous style of this book will be an enjoyable read. Puppies and Dummies is a friendly guide that will cover all the basics, involving the house breeding, feeding, and training. Other topics include designer breeds, traveling with a puppy and section on kids and dogs. If you are a new dog owner, then this book will be perfect for you and you can always refer to it over and over.

My Smart Puppy

The book is written in clear and straightforward way, this book is very readable and explains everything in details. It has every advice you need to raise a pup and train him to become a happy and well-adjusted dog. A puppy training doesn’t have to be a challenging task; it can be a fun activity, for both, you and your dog. The publishers even facilitated this task by releasing a DVD, that comes with this book. You will have an opportunity to see simple and effective training commands, which can be very useful, especially if you are a beginner.

Original Dog Bible

This book has all the answers you will ever need, regardless of your experience. The Original God Bible is the most comprehensive guide you can find in the market.If you could choose only one book, we would tell you to get this one. It includes various topics, from a history of dogs to detailed analysis of more than 200 different dogs. You will find photos, tables, charts and valuable information scattered throughout the book. You should get this book and solve your problems.

Housetraining for Dummies

If you have a hard time teaching your dog to potty, then this book will be an excellent choice for you. It includes various topics, such as instincts and learnings style, taking the appropriate approach to house training, tools you need to buy, and indoor and outdoor training programs. Housetraining for Dummies is a convenient book, packed with helpful tips and recommendations which will help you in potty training.