nature and soul
spiritual ecology - exploring the wilderness within
E a r t h  V i s i o n
EARTH VISION presents spiritual ecology through explorations of nature and soul.
     In addition to addressing current emvironmental issues (a new issue every season), five volumes delve into the wilderness within, an eco-spirituality of extensive proportions.
The Earth Vision travelogue visits animals, landscapes, and nature spirits across North America.
A Calendar of Nature and Soul explores eco-spiritual aspects through the seasons.
Gaia Sojourn crosses boundaries of time and culture on a global scale through re-incarnation and spiritual ecology.
The Earth Vision Gallery  offered as a free introductory e-book, presents an art exhibit that explores nature, color theory, and spiritual ecology.
Hebert Returns to America is a gallery of humor with its artwork hung off the wall, as Hebert Flabeau takes on modern life in America. 
It is the premise of Earth Vision that in order for humanity to cherish nature, humanity must first recognize nature as a reflection of the very soul of its own being.
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5 books:
   EV Travelogue
   Gaia Sojourn
  EV Gallery (free)
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