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“As a student of sociology and social sciences, I’ve joined this educational center to enrich my knowledge, interact with people to remodel my points of view and expand my beliefs. Everything I experienced here has only helped me improve myself both as a student and a person.”


“Painting and ecology are my two favorite fields of interest, and I’ve found people of the same interest here. I take part in all artistic and painting workshops here, improving my talent for painting, but I also engage in various courses and discussions regarding ecology. ”


The Importance of

Books and Education



Introducing books, reading and education in the earliest stages of life are essential for future development of a person, and it has long-term priceless effects.



However, too many people stick to books only while their formal education lasts, neglecting the importance of continuing education throughout the whole life.



Here are just some of the most important benefits of reading and education and the reasons why you should keep the books as integrated part of your life.



The common advantage of reading books and dedicating to education is gaining academic excellence. It is the primary reason why children should read a lot.



Everyone who reads a lot and improves personal educational levels develops communication skills at the same time, improves languages.



Another great advantage books will provide you with is advanced levels of logical thinking, better insight into psychology your own and other people.



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Educate yourself about medical marijuana

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Synergy – Learning new things through cooperation

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The signs a person needs an addiction treatment

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Medicinal marijuana – risks, benefits, and regulations

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What Can I do To Improve My Credit?

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How to Find the Best Chiropractor

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Duel Between Printed And Electronic Books

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EARTH VISION – Taking Nature To A New Level

Global environmental issues humanity is faced with nowadays goes beyond basic climate changes and it’s becoming obvious that common environmentalism isn’t sufficient approach anymore. There are several reasons for this, but one of the main is that people are still...

The Coordinator Of Earth Vision And Insight 21

The raising global ecological issues became obvious to pretty much everyone so far, but most people solely point the finger into particular problems or suggest some practical solutions and approaches within environmentalism that simply won’t suffice. When this topic...

The Most Controversial Books Of All Time

The art of playing with words and finding an impressive way of saying things, sometimes even the obvious and common ones, truly is a talent, but what makes a good writer is, in fact, raw new idea. Or at least fresh point of view. Throughout the history, there were...

Biggest Problems Of Modern Educational System

Back in the old times when public education was introduced and implemented into society, it appeared to be potent and promising strategic move towards a better society. The idea of public education was to provide basic levels of education to all the children,...

Earth Vision, A Travelogue Of Spiritual Ecology

Modern man is way too entangled into sterile industrial, a mechanical and digital world which departure him critically from nature and his ancient roots. Losing strong connection with nature and natural aspects of life results in pollution of people’s personalities...

Issues Of The Modern Society

It’s sort of peculiar to think that society has changed significantly many times during our civilization, but the people in their root nature and basic “operating system” stayed pretty much the same. Our common traits, especially psychological ones, are not constant,...

The Earth Vision Nature Writing Contest

One of the biggest issues of the modern world and the way modern man lives his everyday life is a critical departure from nature, pure natural approaches to various aspects of life and the mere treatment of the environment and the humanity in it. The Earth Vision...

Current Environmental Issues

During ancient times, our distant ancestors lived in fear of the nature due to lack of understanding natural events and courses but had also lived in a strong connection and dependence of nature. Their mere existence was controlled by basic and common natural events....

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We Promote Quality Ideas And Attitudes

Our educational center strongly believes that every big and important change in the world is preceded by changes in consciousness, emerging and spreading of good ideas and awakening of inner force within people that inspire them to change the world to better actively. All of these are our major goals and fields of interest. Thus the effects of everything we do truly makes a difference.

We promote quality ideas and attitudes, appeal to right aspects of people’s minds and personalities and endure in all the activities we are focused onto. Another trait of our functioning that makes us strong and influential is that we insist on team work and strong connections among people. Strongly connected, gathered around true and valuable ideas and goals and passionately dedicated to our principles, we represent the powerful community with effective activities and important result.

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