A Guide To eBook Compilers

A Guide To eBook Compilers

* E-ditor

This software has a demo version that you can download before purchasing. You can’t actually use the demo to create an eBook, but you can run the software and test it out thoroughly to see if it does what you need it to do for your particular eBook.

This eBook compiler is one of the easiest to use. The software has a user-friendly help menu that provides instructions for and explanations of every field on every screen. The program also includes video tutorials demonstrating every step of this compiler with clear explanations of all fields that need to be filled out. There are seven screens that you use to choose your eBook options.

This compiler requires your files to be in HTML format. You follow simple directions, and the compiler loads your files. If you decide to edit your eBook after it has been compiled, make any changes in your original files and click on “Compile your eBook,” Your changes will appear in your compiled eBook.

E-editor allows for some customization of your eBook. You can create a unique page that appears when the eBook is opened; create customized icons that appear on the desktop after downloading; use your logo on the taskbar of your eBook; customize the task bar’s buttons, where the taskbar appears in your eBook, and choose the task bar’s colors. Additionally, you can open the eBook to the last page read, which many of your buyers will appreciate.

An excellent and unique feature of an E-ditor is the capability to choose a standard Microsoft window or to create your design for a window to personalize your eBook. The program provides some sample window designs, but you can use any .bmp (bit map skin) graphic stored on your hard drive.

E-ditor is a good choice if you are new at producing eBooks because it is easy to use and allows you to customize your eBook’s appearance.

* Desktop Author

This compiler does not require a browser, nor do you have to download software or plug-ins. The program converts exe—files into pages that look like an ordinary book. You can create and produce eBook pages scaled to fit on your computer screen without scrolling. Additional features include WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), page editing and creation, the ability to manipulate internal images, cut and paste functions, and hotlinks to pages, emails, websites, or other files. It is an excellent compiler to use for a marketing tool, such as creating brochures and manuals in addition to eBooks.

* EBook Edit Pro

This compiler provides a demo version, allowing you to test its features. The software uses a Wizard that leads you step-by-step through the set-up and creation of your eBook. Customization includes text editing that appears on the pop-up starting message window; the ability to allow or prevent resizing of your book and the mouse-click pop-up menu; enabling or disabling the navigation bar and choosing the buttons you want to appear, and customizing the eBook’s desktop icon and the logo that appears on the navigation bar.

Ebook Edit Pro has excellent features that allow you to create multi-media Ebooks and includes a Wizard customized for beginners and advanced users. The software uses HTML files, downloading them from the directory where they are saved. Edit and resave your files in the original software used to create those files, and then with a single click, you can re-compile your Ebook.

Features include customization of icons, toolbars, and the “about box.” This compiler has a handy feature called the Re-brander feature. This permits you to enter custom code into your Ebook pages and distribute the Re-brander software to your affiliates or distributors. They can then customize the links included in the Ebook but can not alter any link or information you have not.

Entered a customized code.

The software includes “brand-It” software that allows custom fields for your customer’s name, affiliate ID, or URL. This feature is a powerful marketing tool because affiliates are much happier giving away your Ebook from their site when they can customize it.

* Ebook Compiler

This compiler offers a demo version that allows you to compile ten files. If you don’t include graphics, you can create a 10-page Ebook that allows printing and copying of the Ebook. The catch is that you can’t sell any Ebook you create in the demo version.

The purchased software is user-friendly, with easy-to-follow help files that guide you through the steps of compiling your Ebook and explain what an Ebook compiler does. The software provides detailed instructions on how to create source files from Microsoft Word 2000 and 1997, PowerPoint 2000 and 1997, and HTML documents. It contains less detailed instructions for creating source files from

Other programs.

This compiler allows for password protection of your entire Ebook or selected pages. Additionally, you can set a time limit on your Ebook. When it runs out, customers no longer have access unless they pay for it. In other words, it allows you to create a demo version of your Ebook for marketing purposes.

You can set a single password or multiple passwords. Using multiple passwords assigns each user a specific password. Online help files guide you through setting up your passwords. You can also create a Sales and Thank-you page for selling a password-protected Ebook. This is a good choice for the novice since it includes essential password protection and distribution features.

* Activ Ebook Compiler

This is an easy-to-use compiler that provides excellent features. This software can support HTML, JPEG, GIF, and all active plug-ins. Features include password protection, branding, internet linking, icon customization, assigning unique serial numbers, splash screens, file compression, and start-up messages. It also provides free lifetime upgrades. It includes a pre-processor, re-brander, active script, and detailed instructions for using HTML, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word files.

Several other excellent Ebook compilers on the market are worth looking into.

Ebook Generator features splash screens, password protection, branding, icon customization, and compression control. Additionally, it includes virus prevention that alerts the user to any modifications made to your Ebook and offers usage statistics so you can track your Ebook’s use. With all these advanced features, this is an excellent compiler for the beginner because it is straightforward.

Ebook Creator is another excellent compiler supporting HTML, JPEG, GIF, PNG graphics, JavaScript, VB script, and Java applets. It also supports all Internet Explorer plug-ins. Standard features include unique serial numbers, direct linking to a form or a page on your website, disabled right-clicking, and search functions. The software allows for expiration after a set number of days or usage, which allows you to create demo versions. You can create up to 1000 different passwords; every time the Ebook is downloaded, a unique password is required to access protected pages. The software provides user-friendly menus and buttons, allowing beginner and advanced users to create their Ebook easily.

There are some excellent compilers out there. So figure out EVERYTHING you need regarding features, and then compare prices and options. Do take advantage of demo versions if they are offered before purchasing. And then, have fun creating your Ebook!