About us

Welcome to the virtual pages of our educational center and welcome to the world of open minds, creative ideas, sharing and expanding knowledge, artistic expressions and vivid discussions on a wide range of topics. Our educational center is specific institution gathering leading a team of experts in various scientific, social and artistic fields of interest, dozens of volunteers, students, adults, parents with children and impressively diverse list of members.

Our major goal is to share knowledge. This refers to language courses, scientific classes, artistic workshops, a wide range of cultural programs and events, panel discussions about various social matters, researches regarding ecology and climate changes, development of the modern educational system and many more activities. Aside from the mere sharing of knowledge, we strive to raise awareness of population towards many important social issues, to engage as many people as possible into active helping and to intervene in some social activities and to provide a strong network of connections among everyone engaging into a certain field of social activity.

We are loyal to the set of rules and principles of our organization, striving to keep it strong, vivid, open to everyone interested in joining us and providing a pleasant atmosphere to every member of ours.