Combing through the thousands of offers that you can find in your local shop or online when you are trying to build a gaming PC is never easy. Buying a new PC machine can be a big investment that will have to resist the passage of time for a couple of years, and we all know the gaming industry is moving faster than it ever did before when it comes to out-dating the current top gaming hardware and software.
Basically, you have to make a tradeoff of how much money you are willing to invest while you are entirely aware that the hardware you get can be overshadowed within a couple of months.
But let’s not hinge on the small stuff and let’s explore what is detrimental to a good gaming PC and where you can actually save some money.

System memory (RAM)

System memory RAM

RAM is one of the essential parts where your gaming experience will either be defined by having too much of it or not enough of it. When we take a look at a few surveys it is noted that most users have 8GB of RAM, and while that was enough a few years ago for a medium to the high range specs, today is considered the bare minimum for gaming. Today the medium is set at 12GB of ram and a comfortable position is around 16GB, but gamers who love to have an excessive memory can rake up to 24GB of RAM.
The RAM has also risen in prices over the last few years, and right now it can be expansive to get the higher values whenF it comes to RAM, but keep in mind that you can get the minimum or medium amount and upgrade later down the line.

Some of the brads you should be checking out when it comes to quality RAM are
– Corsair
– Patriot
– Kingston
– Gskill

The Central processing unit (CPU)

The CPU unit is your bridge that connects the processing power of your graphics card and the CPU power for a smooth gaming experience.
There are two manufacturers AMD and Intel and they both have amazing products, but we do consider AMD to be superior in tight budget cases. AMD is the cheaper version with excellent processing power, while Intel is the more expansive but same performance types of chips. The Intel brand is also a bigger household name, but that still does not make it better for an average user.
Sometimes the price of an AMD chip can be twice as lower, but it will still not be inferior to the Intel chip by more than half. Anyhow, this is the place where you need to spend your time and check out both manufacturers and where you need to get acquainted with the generations, as there are a lot of different price ranges for different generations with varying performances of power. Also, keep in mind that Intel is now rolling out their newest production.

The Graphics card

While this is the place where you need to invest your money, right now is the worst time to buy the best of the best when it comes to graphics cards. The thing was a few years ago we did not have cryptocurrency miners, and ever since we got them, they have been buying out all the available high-end graphics cards, and have been steadily increasing the price as the demands increased more than ever before. Here like in the CPU department we have two powerful brands, one is AMD, and the other one is Nvidia.
But again, same as with the CPU situation, the Nvidia cards are both better and much more expansive than the AMD counterparts.
With that said the Graphics cards are the most critical part of the gaming PC, it’s essentially its blood, and without a good graphics card, your gaming possibilities will be limited by a lot.
What’s important is to get a graphics card that can run your desired game at a steady 60fps (frames per second) at a high resolution like 1080p or 1440p, even though there are far higher resolutions than these, but let’s limit ourselves to those two for now.
It’s important to look for graphics cards that offer plenty of virtual memory, so make sure to check the prices of cards frequently as they may jump all over the place, but when it comes to paying big bucks for something, the graphics card is where you need to invest the most money.

Storage space

In the past there was only one choice when it came to storage and that was the mighty HDD, which could be a portable space storage or a fixed one. However, in recent years we have gained another player on the storage market which comes by the name of SSD. It is a far more superior storage unit when it comes to speed, but it has one flaw, which is its size. The SSD usually comes in two standard sizes, the 256BG and the 512GB, while the HDD can be purchased in sizes up to 4-6 TB which is essentially 4000-6000GB.


There are many components to a PC that you need to buy but don’t need a big investment for good gaming. For instance, a tempered glass case will look amazing but it wont affect your gaming experience, the Headphones are another place where you can spend a lot of money but they are not as important as a good graphics card. Also, you have to check out which type of keyboard you want.