One of the biggest issues of the modern world and the way modern man lives his everyday life is a critical departure from nature, pure natural approaches to various aspects of life and the mere treatment of the environment and the humanity in it. The Earth Vision website is dedicated to eco-spirituality.

Our field of activity is wide and versatile, and it is dedicated to enriching people’s inner worlds, widening of perspectives and reconnecting average man with his natural core.


This is achieved by engaging into various matters, such as history, geography, psychology, literature and poetry, all sorts of art and artistic expression, ecology and environmental awareness and much more. Another method we apply is writing contest with topics focused onto previously mentioned.

Our main goal and mission are to help people achieve higher spiritual levels, empower their consciousness and awareness regarding the world we live in.


And the microworlds inside all of us, to create more noble, human and valuable world. If you want to join our community or help us progress, spread the word about our activities or use the links listed below to support us financially.

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