The amazing power and importance of the books and the mere procedure of reading various literature lies in its power and capacity to influence people’s minds, change their attitudes, courses of thinking and perspective towards different topics. Good books providing quality valuable written material have educational, as well as psychological effect at the same time onto a reader.


Good books provide a great terrain for emerging of brand-new powerful ideas, have the power to appeal and address myriad of issues, the power to ease the mind of a reader, but also the power to impose important questions and riddles upon reader, usually suggesting some answers or at least pointing out a certain desired direction of thinking and approaching a given matter.

“A Calendar of Nature and Soul” is a perfect example of a highly influential book with a potential to provoke significant, even global changes. “A Calendar of Nature and Soul” is one of the books that create the foundation of the Earth Vision projects and the whole concept of spiritual ecology. The book provides written material that aims to provide a completely new perspective to a reader regarding current alarming global ecological issues and to deepen the connection between people and nature itself. The mission is to introduce spiritual ecology to all the readers as a new method of addressing environmental problems and to transfer relationship with wilderness onto the spiritual level.


The book continues on the trail of the third-millennium everyman, now shifting from a geographic focus to a passage through the seasons. Its 52 chapters coincide with the weeks of the year, in which natural and biographical events interweave with Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul. It contains 52 black-and-white photographs, 240 pages.

 By purchasing this valuable literature, you will financially support the whole Earth Vision project and enable its mission of preserving the Earth to continue.