The unknown has the power to boost our imagination. As much as it addresses our inherited fear of non-familiar terrain, it also gives us a wide open field to imagine and fulfill the space with various possible scenarios. What comes after death is one of these topics potent enough to inspire writers to write dark poetry or science fiction stories.

However, this matter, also, has one more powerful impact – it forces us to review our current life, years spent here and now and to see the world we live in in a specific manner. You might believe in the afterlife in a religious manner or not; you might believe there’s nothing after the ultimate ending of this life, you might believe in the concept of reincarnation of stand any other point of view regarding this topic.

Gaia Sojourn signs unique book written from a perspective of a person expecting reincarnation and playing with genres, timeline, chronology, rich imagination and many other elements in an attempt to picture some world’s current issues.

This material representing spiritual ecology takes a global perspective through mythic, historic, and future time forums, using reincarnation as its principle device. It’s a creative blend of biography and fiction through 190 pages.

This book is among other projects of Earth Vision online community, and you may support us by purchasing it and making a donation that goes for the preservation of the Earth.