There’s this popular saying particularly designed for the people belonging to so-called ‘’first world’’ and their problems. It promotes heading towards woods and nature because you might won’t find wi-fi connection over there, but you’ll certainly find a better connection with yourself. The saying addresses the major problem of a modern man who lives in the quite polluted environment, literally and symbolically.

Face masks were placed on stone monkeys at the Beijing Zoo on Dec. 19 to protest heavy air pollution in northeast China. A week earlier, riot police cracked down after artists put similar masks on human figures in Chengdu.

Aside from literal pollution, missing the fresh air, calming effects of greenery and empowering stimulation and purifying effect of astonishing natural sights, modern man is alienated and disconnected from nature itself and his natural core and roots. Even the occasional tours through wilderness or hiking adventures or camping in woods by fire are merely improvised, commercialized and still strongly linked to civilization and all the urban benefit. True and proper getting in touch with nature is extremely rare nowadays. This unique piece of true art is designed for everyone honestly longing for nature.

This is a thematic exhibit of photographs and watercolors contained within the covers of a book, offers a holistic experience of nature, color theory, and self-discovery. It contains 35 colors and 14 black-and-white images within 80pages. (eBook 50 double-pages)

(Now available as a free introductory e-book. Please consider donating to the project.)

This exquisite book representing photo exhibition, in fact, is just one of the great methods to raise awareness towards the preservation of the Earth, which is the main goal of this webpage. However, our dedication is honest and passionate, but we are quite dependent on your donations to keep this website working and its valuable activities going on.