The raising global ecological issues became obvious to pretty much everyone so far, but most people solely point the finger into particular problems or suggest some practical solutions and approaches within environmentalism that simply won’t suffice. When this topic and the ineffective manners of solving it came across Josef Graf’s diverse background, the concept of spiritual ecology was born.


Graf has decades of anthroposophical research behind him, degrees in sociology and ecology and a myriad of activities within these two fields of interest and currently – two major projects looking for financial support to survive. These two projects include Earth Vision and Insight21 projects.

Globe-grass familly

Both projects rely on unique books and articles exploring deeper connections between humanity and nature and wilderness. Also, both projects point out completely different approaches toward issues and suggest some brand-new potential solutions for ecological problems we are faced with. The most important aspect, however, is still raising people’s awareness of the problems and attracting them to consider spiritual ecology as a new principle.