It’s sort of peculiar to think that society has changed significantly many times during our civilization, but the people in their root nature and basic “operating system” stayed pretty much the same. Our common traits, especially psychological ones, are not constant, but definitely, haven’t undergone dramatic changes as the society has. This is the main reason why many people doubt the true importance of society changes, enhancing that it’s just a form with an essence persisting as it did centuries ago.

However, one thing’s for sure: our current society is facing a completely new era. The issues we are facing nowadays are strong enough to provoke fundamental changes, and the main trends of modern lifestyle are suggesting the characteristics of this upcoming modified society. The era of digitalization and fast spreading of information will be replaced by the era of ideas.


Namely, current financial crisis and global economic turbulence happening over the last few decades are suggesting that our financial, banking system requires fundamental changes. Another issue proving the same impression is a huge number of people who lost their jobs in short period. Jobs that are not required or necessary anymore in the modern age. Jobs that machines took over or are simply eliminated.

However, our educational system keeps producing people trained and educated for these jobs.

This is another alarming problem of the modern society – its malfunctioning and insufficient educational system. This refers to the huge gap between the profiles we train and educate and the true requirements of the market and industry.

Lack of creative solutions

Another troubling issue of the current educational system is uniformed thinking, imposing limitations onto people, mostly via fear of failure and suppressing of creative thinking. With mentally programmed uniformed students who become financially controlled and burdened, later on, we get a society that is self-limited onto mere repetition, production and circling within the worn-out cycle. However, one of the greatest advantages of the modern society is rather accessible knowledge to pretty much anyone with the internet access.

Have an idea

Combined with new inventions and developments occurring almost on a daily basis, it shows clearly that the only thing we miss is a fundamental change of the inner organization of our society and modifying of its major courses. Other elements will soon settle in the right places after we establish a different system of values and unleash or potent minds.