During ancient times, our distant ancestors lived in fear of the nature due to lack of understanding natural events and courses but had also lived in a strong connection and dependence of nature. Their mere existence was controlled by basic and common natural events. As the civilization grew and progressed, the man managed to conquer various aspects of nature, to master it and to understand a lot of it. He kept exploring nature, developing purely human civilization courses until he finally established dominance over many natural aspects. Further on, recklessness of humans, greed, and irresponsibility took their toll.

Current Environmental Issues2

The man continued his exploration and exploitation of nature, the civilization kept getting away from nature, and soon the consequences became obvious. Nowadays, humanity is faced with seriously damaged and polluted nature and with various species being extinct on the one hand and alienated, frustrated and mentally and emotionally polluted layman on the other hand. Both are direct consequences of people’s departure from their natural roots.

When some severe consequences, such as climate changes, boreal forest issue, honeybee’s extinction and much more, became alarming, environmentalism emerged as a reaction of conscious people. However, environmentalism turned out to be inadequate or at least not sufficient. This website is dedicated to a completely new approach to ecological issues of the modern man – spiritual ecology.

Current Environmental Issues3

Spiritual ecology is intuitive thesis lying underneath the Earth Vision project and striving to encapsulate the complete evolution of man and nature relationship and to settle it properly. Reconnection between man and nature is essential and rather necessary, as well as thorough researching and responsible approach towards some of the critical issues that EV overviews in its regular issues.

The Earth Vision project undertakes a new Current Issue every season.  Four issues per year are taken to places of deeper resolution than the mainstream media can arrive at due to their limited mandate.

Earth Vision Current Environmental Issues:

Why the Bees are Dying – and how to bring them back

The End of Real Estate – and what can take its place

The Return of Bison and Wolf – instigating North America’s eco-renaissance

Encountering Nature Through the 12 Senses

The Spiritual Ecology of the Boreal Forest

The End of Factory Farming  – the ecological resonance between the animal holocaust and our inner life

A Spiritual Ecology of West Coast Rainforest

Spring in the Calendar of Nature and Soul

New America – on the edge of eco-renaissance

Nature-Based Gardening