Bison is impressive animal species in so many ways, and wolf accompanies as its shepherd and strengthener. Bison is the biggest western mammal viable in some bordered areas, but best adapted to open-range corridors of north and south. Bison is extremely attached and adjusted to nature and environment surrounding him and deeply dependent on the floral species he requires to survive.


On the other hand, compared to other industrially exploited cattle, bison can survive without various chemical supplementations or special conditions our meet industry provides to other cattle. Unfortunately, our reckless approach towards the whole eco-systems where every element depends on the others resulted in the depopulation of bison’s and consequentially depopulation of wolf species. Until recently.

The return of Bison and Wolf is a specific project of the Earth Vision and its community predicting the convenient development of ecological conditions that will enable re-mapping of Great Plains ecology, the growth of bison and wolf population and restore of some essential and natural relationships.

Wolf pack

Placing eco-renaissance of North America as community’s major goal, Earth Vision promotes the replacement of the current cattle industry, seed-point strategy, establishing of different agriculture methods and many other interventions, to enhance the return of these two powerful and rather durable and strong animal species.