There’s no doubt that education and progress of science have always had to struggle and break its way through closed minds, customs, rigid believes, religion, superstition and many more obstacles, with some of the greatest ideas and inventions being ridiculed at first and widely celebrated much later. Luckily, the passionately dedicated scientist usually accepts lifetime commitment to researches regardless of the treatment society imposes onto their work.

One thing is certain: wherever we have a flourishing of science, quality education, dedication to critical thinking, open minds for new ideas and inventions, we can see the society progressing, making positive changes and increasing life standard, as well as the quality of individuals. The scope of modern education is drastically wider than it used to be in previous centuries and the results are manifested in the form of rapid progress in many fields of science.

The advantages

Two biggest advantages and benefits modern age has to thank science development refer to significant progress of modern medicine and progress of digital technology. Some revolutionary inventions in modern medicine enabled healthcare providers to eradicate many diseases, to cure health issues that used to be only patched or symptomatically controlled and to expand the significantly total scope of knowledge in the brain and neuro sciences.


At the same time, impressive achievements in digital technology, electronics, and nanotechnology, boosted the information era providing superb forms of communication, wide access to information, including free knowledge and education, enhanced further space exploring and supported the development of all the other branches of technology and other sciences. When combined, modern medicine and powerful modern technology, it resulted in amazing successes in medicine, mostly in surgery and endoscopic diagnostic procedures. All of this has prolonged the average human life and raised the quality of everyday lifestyle.

Development of sociology, psychology and wide spreading of existing knowledge resulted in social changes to better. Thus, we have increased human rights, recognizing and enhancing the right of women and their true values, we’ve found new ways of educating people against various stigmas, prejudice, and discrimination.

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Unfortunately, impacts of education and modern science onto society are not only positive. Aside from dangerous abusing of technology for weapon production and war industry, the dominance of quick and easy communication has made this communication superficial and consequentially human relations less quality and more alienated. It has further triggered some new social issues that future generations will have to balance or resolve.