The modern age has brought in modern forms of books. Electronic or eBooks are in strong competition with old-fashioned classic printed books nowadays, and both formats have their passionate fan with pro and cons arguments. This isn’t just rather subjective discussion because both formats truly do have advantages and drawbacks, but it seems that final decision is a matter of reader’s preference. The factors influencing the preference are many and here’s a list of just some of them.

The physical aspect is the first trait that figures. Namely, passionate readers and lovers of the old-fashioned form of books claim that nothing compares or substitutes the mere experience of holding a book and feeling paper pages under the fingers accompanied by the specific smell of printed books. These features turn reading into a ritual. On the other hand, eBooks are far easier to store, don’t require a lot of room, all you need is a digital device you use for reading, and you are free to store and take with your hundreds of books.

Books with e-reader

Seemingly, when it comes to reading comprehension, printed books are still winning the duel. Aside from the fact that eye vision is less pressured when reading from paper instead of reading from a screen, most reading applications designed for eBooks impose too much additional distraction while reading.

This is particularly an issue for children. If distracted too much, kids tend to lose the essence of the story they read, and the adults might struggle with lack of concentration. Printed books enable free interaction between kids and parents while reading, but eBook has better options for marking paragraphs and writing notes.

The difference in cost

Finally, there’s a matter of cost. Printed books certainly cost a lot more due to the mere process of production and distribution, and this refers to each bought book. On the other hand, eBooks come in various electronic formats, which is eco-friendly and usually cost significantly less, except for maybe initial investment into the digital device you will use for reading.

There are probably more features and aspects readers would discuss on this matter, but the whole dilemma will eventually come down to reader’s preferences.