Do you know what’s worse than losing employee in whom you invested time and money for additional training? To remain with the employee you have not invested in. Internal communication with employees within the system is often neglected in relation to what is done with external associates.

There are a small number of organizations that attach importance to this segment and its effect on business. However, members of one collective are the most important public, so communication with them should not be ignored and left aside. Successful leaders recognize its importance and at the same time monitor and appreciate numerous scientific studies that have proven a positive correlation between quality internal communication and business success of the company.


Employee engagement

Research has shown that there is a positive correlation between greater engagement and higher performance in the workforce. It is reflected in the factors of employee satisfaction and customer loyalty, higher efficiency and productivity, higher profit, i.e. higher revenues, lower fluctuation, less absenteeism, fewer accidents at work, and better quality of done work.

Despite the general belief, dissatisfaction with earnings, i.e. rewarding, is not the main reason for non-participation of employees. For the majority, it is more important than the highest managers value them. Maintaining and increasing the level of employee engagement depends, first and foremost, on how good management meets their needs and expectations. So how the company can answer to its employees’ needs? According to the blog on the Center for Human Capital Innovation, one of the leaders in this industry, there are numerous ways to accomplish this, one of which is leadership coaching.

 (Executive) leadership coaching


Companies with a recognizable management brand outperform others both in terms of revenue, net earnings, and stock values. A special effort must be made to ensure that both foreign and domestic customers and its employees begin to recognize the brand as part of unique company value.

Does the reputation of your company’s management serve as a means of attracting talent? Key processes such as employee development, job management, and rewarding systems have to be reorganized to support the creation of a brand. The ultimate principle is that the brand must become part of the core of the management throughout the organization before it becomes the power to be an external factor of competition among its competitors.

People Analytics

This method of analytics greatly helps executives and managers to make better and more precise decisions regarding workforce and employees. This type of analysis uses technology statistics and expertise that is applied to a large number of talent data in order to bring better business and management decisions within big lucrative and state-owned companies.

This is a new type of analysis that is primarily applied to HR departments and is useful for companies that want a greater return on their investment in their employees. Benefits of people analytics are that it helps big private and government companies to make better informed and strategic decisions that lead to better hiring people and increase their performance.