Marijuana has been in use for the past two millennia, and so far, it has been legalized in 26 countries. We have numerous studies which confirm medicinal properties of marijuana, but people are still skeptical of using it. On the other hand, we have various cases of abuse, considering this plant has a high potential for abuse and some experts even claim that it doesn’t have legitimate therapeutic value. Regardless of the opposite opinions, marijuana is one of the most requested medicinal plants in the world because it has calming and pain-relieving effects with the patients who are diagnosed with the most severe conditions. So, let’s look at the benefits, side – effects and who you can acquire medicinal marijuana.

Health benefits

Medicinal marijuana can be found in several forms; it can be smoked, vaporized, used as a pill and even added to food, such as cookies and brownies. In many countries, medicinal marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 drug, which means it has a high potential for abuse, without any scientific studies about the benefits, it is tough to prove any healing benefits. But the idea of healing properties of marijuana is deeply rooted in the science and society. So far, it has shown that the main ingredient of marijuana called cannabinoid may help in reducing the pain, inflammation, control epileptic seizures and treat mental illnesses and addiction. In many cases, medicinal marijuana is used to treat nausea caused by chemotherapy, even though these studies are limited.

Side – effects

One of the main concerns that scientist and doctors have had about the marijuana is how to limit dependency. This plant can interfere with the judgment, attention, and balance. Some studies have found that smoking marijuana carries great cancer risks. In addition to this, if a patient is addicted to some other drugs the use of marijuana can worsen the addiction. But, medicinal marijuana can be the only solution for the patients who are suffering from the most dangerous illnesses, considering that the use of cannabis is prohibited in all states. Unfortunately, we can’t neglect that marijuana carries a significant risk of dependency and this is one of the reasons why scientists were able to test its healing benefits further.

Marijuana availability

All states which are eligible to use medicinal marijuana, require a doctor’s approval and many of these countries have an online application process. For example, if you are from Arizona, you can use medical marijuana dispensary in arizona to apply for medicinal marijuana. In most cases, patients need to fill out the application form, pay a fee and provide identification information. If you want to receive an ID card successfully, then you are required to have a doctor’s statement regarding your diagnosis, which confirms that medicinal marijuana is one of the recommended treatments. On the other hand, some restrictions may be involved regarding the amount you are allowed to receive. So before applying for this process, make sure to consult with your doctor.