When someone abuses any kind of substance, alcohol or drugs, it is always hard for them to admit that they have a serious problem and need professional medical help. Most of the time, it is the people around these persons that start noticing the behavioral changes and that something is out of order.

Substance abuse problems are something that should not be taken lightly at all and if you know someone who abuses drugs or alcohol and you think they need help, we will point out some of the signs how you can easily recognize if a person is an addict or alcohol abuser. Unfortunately, some people know how to hide their condition so well that no one can notice it until it’s already too late.

addiction treatmentEven so, it is always possible to treat the addiction with a bit of strong will, time, effort and specialized help. If you are looking for more than just a detox, the highest quality addiction treatment for both drugs and alcohol, we can help with that. Our Detox south Fl center has everything that you need to inform yourself about what to do if you suspect that a person close to you could be an addict as well as to commit those persons to the proper treatment.

It can largely help if you learn how to recognize certain symptoms of addiction in order to help those persons receive the necessary detox and rehab treatments. Even though alcohol and drug addictions differ from one another pretty much, the persons display the same symptoms.

The addiction symptoms

The first and the most obvious symptom that a person might be abusing any substance is the absolute lack of motivation and energy. To these individuals, the only thing that matters is that they feed the addiction. Once their goal is set, they don’t need to do anything else nor they feel the need to be active in any way.

People who abuse drugs tend to lose weight while those who abuse alcohol tend to gain it. Still, heavy drinkers can lose weight as well. Both drug addicts and alcohol abusers don’t care much for appearances so the persons who are addicts display neglect of appearance.

Now, since alcohol is not that expensive and can be easily found in any store, the alcoholics get their fix relatively easily as they all have jobs. If they get fired, you can expect them to ask for money. On the other hand, drugs are expensive and can’t be found that easy so a person who is a drug addict will be more likely to steal from the ones they know.

Both alcohol and drug abusers are paranoid and suffer from chronic insomnia. They’re always in some kind of a trouble whether by accident or by their own doing. If you expect them to change on their own, it will not happen and they will fall into it even deeper. Detox is the only way.